Many of my oil paintings are either nude figure studies or use human figures to portray a narrative. I paint using colors unrealistic to the human form, representative of a certain feeling I wish to express. I sometimes use myself as the model if there is a deeply personal meaning behind the piece. They are generally very direct but executed rather slowly.

As for my mixed media paintings, well, that’s another story! From afar they appear rather simple, but look closer. Within lay something a little more telling of the human condition-a subtle suggestion of death and our mortality, or of religion and ritual and their purpose. I love this juxtaposition within a single piece. You might not be certain exactly what you are looking at, and while I may give you hints, I’m not going to come right out and tell you! Where’s the fun in that? I want you to come to your own conclusion, let it mean what you want and take from it what you need. These pieces are very visceral and usually result from imagery that emerges from my dreams. For no apparent reason, I am compelled to make them, and they are very cathartic for me. I’m also a little obsessed with repeating images or shapes-you’ll find this often in my mixed media art. I incorporate photography into each piece and am a little less (ok, a lot less!) meticulous than I am with my other paintings.

My more recent photography is shot using a digital camera, but I still enjoy using my old trusty Pentax 35mm SLR camera from time to time. There’s a certain exhiliration felt when anticipating what’s been captured, waiting anxiously for the film to develop.  However, I find myself using digital more often because (aside from the obvious instant gratification aspect) I can manipulate the photograph in a way not possible with standard film processing, and a whole lot faster. Digital allows me to be much more creative, experimenting with texture, color, etc.

In terms of photographic subject matter, I’ll shoot just about anything! I look for a way to make an ordinary subject/object interesting, like using an unusual angle. I also love using photography on an anthropological level, capturing certain aspects of human culture and making it beautiful and special even when it normally might not be considered as such.


I was born and raised on a little island off the coast of TX called Galveston. It’s a slow-paced beach town full of history. After receiving a BA in Applied Design and Visual Arts I moved to New Orleans, LA for a few years. I now reside in FL with my husband, daughter, stepson and four fur-kids.


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