I practice a variety of different art media such as painting in oil & mixed media but my main focus recently has been photography. When it comes to photographic subject matter, it is really just a matter of what catches my eye.  A seemingly mundane object or moment in time framed a particular way becomes something much more. These things are worthy of being captured in my opinion, even if I’m the only one who sees the beauty in it or appreciates it.  I also love using photography on an anthropological/archaeological level, capturing a certain aspect or item of a different culture or region and making it special even when it normally might not be considered as such. I find myself taking photographs often, regardless of whether I set out to do so or not. In other words, my subjects are wide and varied and nothing is off limits!

These days, I exclusively shoot with a DSLR camera.  Aside from the obvious instant gratification aspect, digital allows me to be much more creative, experimenting with texture, color, etc., and a whole lot faster than with standard film processing. However, my Gallery does include a few photographs I shot with my Pentax 35mm SLR camera and developed myself, if you are interested in seeing my style in that medium.



I was born and raised on a little island off the coast of TX called Galveston. It’s a slow-paced beach town full of history. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Applied Design & Visual Arts at the University of Houston Clear Lake, I moved to New Orleans, LA for a few years. I now reside in FL with my husband, children, and four fur-kids. I love spending time in nature, seeking out new cemeteries to photograph, and traveling. You’ll find all of these things (and more) in my photography!


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